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The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios


Our basic principle is to make the service for people. We take into account what is really necessary and important for each audience.

Private investors don't need an overloaded system which is more difficult for understanding than cryptocurrencies.

The investor does not care how much the currency has grown; the only thing that matters is how much he has earned and how he can earn more. At the same time, not all users know the basics of trading and they need recommendations.

Для трейдеров важна максимальная автоматизация, чтобы не тратить время на учет и аналитику. Трейдеры совершают операции на различных биржах (из-за разницы курсов) и финансовый учет становится очень трудоемкой задачей.

Если трейдер берет средства под управление, ему нужно отчитываться перед клиентами так, чтобы и клиентам было все максимально понятно и наглядно, и чтобы самому не тратить на это значительное время.

Естественно, для трейдеров крайне важно понимать свою результативность. Плюс каждый активный трейдер всегда стремиться к тому, чтобы сформировать максимально эффективный и привлекательный портфель, чтобы больше получать средств под управление.

For funds it is needed to reduce the routine processing of huge transaction flows from their customers. It is important to decrease the complexity of maintaining internal accounting and improve its accuracy. And for clients as for investors the most important thing is to understand how much they have earned.

At the same time, funds need this kind of service in any case but in-house solution is costly and requires labor and temporary resources.

Try it for free in the beta version

Ecosystem FinTab

FinTab is an analytical system based on the financial accounting service for cryptocurrency but in addition there are other interactions that perfectly complement our system.

How can I use FinTabTokens?

FinTab is a SaaS product with service fee charged. The cost for the service for the «Pro» and «Manage» accounts will be fixed in USD, but payment is accepted in FinTabTokens.

In accordance with our target audience, we have 3 plans to offer:

Start For investors
  • Basic functions:
    — Adding currencies
    — Accounting for buying and selling
    — Transferring between exchanges
    — Adding user’s currencies
  • The ability to account for transferring operations between exchanges
  • 2 portfolios
  • Basic Analytical System
Pro For traders
  • Basic Functionality
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Integration with exchanges through API
  • Import from CSV
  • Exporting data
  • Notification system
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates
Manage For founds
  • Basic Functionality
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Integration with exchanges through API
  • Import from CSV
  • Exporting data
  • Notification system
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates
  • Fund’s Token
  • Agent’s account
  • Customer’s account
  • System of tickets
  • Individual support

P2P interaction: traders could sell the information about their crypto-portfolio through our system. In addition the rating of best traders will be compiled.

Advertising platform: placement and display of advertising will be held decentralized: each user can enable or disable ads. For the ads view the user obtains tokens from the advertisers.

Analytical system and recommendations for trade using Artificial Intelligence.

The system will have a free plan with basic analytics and signals, and an expanded plan costs $14/month. There will be a 50% discount for «Pro» and «Manage» users.

System development

Depending on the received funds FinTab will implement the following features:

Issue and Sales of the FinTabTokens

We will estimate the number of our potential users by the third quarter of 2018. Based on this we have calculated how many tokens we can issue.

A total of The total number of tokens: 3,079,386.683 FNTB.

The pre-ICO Completed
1 Token = $0.1 We received ~ $78,363
Soft Cap closed for 124%
The pre-Sale Completed
1 Token = $0.25 Participation condition:
the minimum purchase is $8,000
The ICO Completed
1 Token = $0.4

Available on exchanges

The burning of FNTB tokens

Burning of tokens:

In FinTab system the burning of tokens that have entered the system as a service payment will be implemented:

  • When paying for the service 10% of FinTabTokens pass to FinTab team.

  • The remaining 90% of the tokens are burned.

When using FinTab as an advertising and P2P platform, tokens are not burned

since 90% of the tokens are given to users and the remaining 10% - to FinTab team.


August 3 – September 17, 2017

Closed alpha-testing

Manually adding and editing transactions

Creating the opportunity to have and work with the unlimited number of portfolios

Portfolio information

Purchased currency information


Adding custom currencies and exchanges/wallets

Profit/loss evaluation, dynamics of a certain portfolio or currency

September 18 – October 11, 2017


UX/UI design elaboration

Mobile application development for Android

Preparation for the pre-ICO

October 12 – November 30, 2017

Pre-ICO (October 12 – November 12)

Release of the Android app

Integration with exchanges via API

Tokens accounting

System of notifications

Export of statistics

Adding analytic tools

December 10, 2017 – January 30, 2018

Closed stage of sales (December 10-14)

Carrying out of the ICO (December 14 – January 30)

Elaboration of the "Pro" accounts functionality

January - March 2018

Fully updated Android app

iOS app development

Preparation and integration of a new design

“Pro” account functionality release

Replacement of the beta-version with an improved one

April-May 2018

Active synchronization / integration with exchanges

Monetization of the system

Working out the functionality for “Manage” accounts

Forming a support service and ticketing system

June – July 2018

Release of the “Manage” accounts

Full listing of coins (Market Cap)

Advertising functionality development

August 2018

Integration of the advertising opportunities in the system

September - October 2018

Development of the system of signals and recommendations


The process of continuous improvement

Meet the Team

Mikhail Fadeev CEO

Since 2010, Mikhail is engaged in web-development. He has created and launched a number of projects, including the Merit onine agency, an agency for the implementation of CRM-systems and a web studio. He is engaged in trading and has funds under management.

«For me, blockchain is a philosophy that is already changing the world»

Grigory Maltsev COO

The co-founder of the Merit onine agency, the head of the web studio development department in 2016, the project manager in a design studio (Yandex projects) in 2015, the Internet marketer since 2012. Grigory created a financial accounting system for an Internet agency, participated in the development of the Basecamp application.

Nikolay Ozhogov CTO

Full-stack programmer. Since 2012, Nikolay has worked on the websites and Internet services development, including the Telegram widget In 2014, he created a crypto-currency mining farm and organized a mining-pool. Since 2017 he is developing Android applications.

Roman Beganov Back-end Developer

He has been in development and projects since 2016. He was involved in system administration, participated in the development of the project of parsing and analysis of services with hundreds of thousands changes per minute.

Stas Bondarenko Lead designer

Stanislav is engaged in UI product design. He has experience in developing CRM systems, interfaces and materials from the gaming industry and retail. Experience as an art director for more than 5 years and more than 8 years of work as the lead designer of the product. Became a fan of technology blockbuster during an internship at SalesForce in San Francisco.

Vsevolod Chebykin Front-end Programmer

Layout and creation of products based on javascript, use of new technologies. Experience in developing web sites and applications of varying complexity for more than 4 years.

Dmitriy Sbrodov Android Developer

Very extensive experience in development – he has been in information technology since 1998. Engaged in mobile development for 2 years.

Sergey Nikitin iOS Developer

He has been working as a mobile developer for 6 years. Development of native Android and iOS applications for corporate and private clients, participation in more than 20 projects of varying complexity.

Anton Andreev Traffic manager

Expert in advertising and PR. In 2017 he was responsible for traffic arbitrage in 8bit group. Since 2013 has been working for AIESEC on organization and promotion of the events.

Alexander Khrebtenko PR-Manager

From 2016 to 2018 he was engaged in promotion of events booking agency Over Booking. He led the agency to profitability and attracted more than 10,000 people to the target audience.

Ilya Konovalov Media-manager

Since 2017 he has been working as a web-marketer in the Internet agency Merit: advertising and promotion of the websites.

Hokumdar Gasanov Video editing and promotion

He has been working with several small and large companies, such as MEDIAMETRIKS, OSMAN GROUP, has promoted DAN and travel agency SHAN TOURS.

Oxana Shchukina Translator and Community Manager

She graduated with a master degree in Marketing and Communications from Rome Business School. She has engaged in translation for more than 5 years. Developed the service of booking tours Experience in event industry.


Alexander Reckers Private Investor

He began to deal with crypto-currencies with the purchase of Bitcoin in 2013. He is engaged in GPU-Mining of Litecoin and Feathercoin, building sixteen mining rigs for Litecoin and Feathercoin mining. He is involved in writing the scripts for the Cudaminer program for getting the best hashrates out of every graphic card. Started trading and investing at the end of 2016. Invested in projects like FinTab, GraphgrailAI, TaaS, SPHRE AIR, DCORP, SONM, Polybius, MASS, Kickico, Aeternity and LAToken.

Ilya Orlov Co-founder and CEO of TravelChain

Has been studying in Switzerland for 7 years (Institute auf dem Rosenberg and Zurich University). He is experienced in managing small and big enterprises (up to 450 subordinates). CEO and Co-Founder of TravelChain project. Helping with strategic management.

Roman Fadeev Co-Founder of Legal Jazz

Many years of experience in law issues and in the complex legal projects, in particular in business and IT. CEO and Co-Founder of law firm LegalJazz. Providing advices on legal issues.



«FinTab Reaches a New Level»

«The potential of the project and its relevance is confirmed by rising attention from other blockchain projects in this segment, including large ones»

«Why FinTab receives so much attention and provokes interest?»

«Благодаря глубокой проработке этапов развития проекта и оптимизации расходной части, FinTab имеет возможность ставить перед собой реальные цели»

«Технология FinTab имеет перспективу не только в B2C секторе, но в и B2B. А это выводит проект на совершенно новый уровень»

«FinTab has noted and learnt from various imperfections in the multiple cryptocurrency tracking solutions currently available to users»

«One of the top upcoming ICO 10th - 16th December»

«The crypto-currency market is chaotic nowadays. It is almost impossible to keep up with the constantly changing situation. FinTab solves this problem»



Do you have any question or suggestions for collaboration?

Mass media [email protected]
General issues [email protected]
Partnership [email protected]

Application for participation in the ICO

Your application for participation is accepted. The beginning of the sales of FinTabTokens on the ICO will be announced later. Before the start we will send you an email with instructions.

The minimum amount of investment for participation in the closed stage of sales is $ 8000. It starts from 10 to 14 of December.

Which sum do you plan to invest in the ICO?
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