Along with the popularity of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular, the list of fields and areas where this currency can be applied is growing. Now you can pay Bitcoin for a large number of services and purchases, which was very difficult 8-9 years ago. So, what can you buy for bitcoin?

If in 2013, bitcoin was used to pay for space tourism services from Virgin Corporation, now this cryptocurrency get to everyday people’s life. In 2017, Japan promised to open special bitcoin terminals in more than 260,000 different stores. The well-known world companies, whose activities are connected with computer technologies and the Internet, actively accept payment by cryptocurrency, for example:
– Microsoft gives you the opportunity to purchase software, various subscriptions, smartphones and other equipment for cryptocurrency;
– On the world-famous platform Reddit for bitcoin you can get a premium status;
– Tesla, a company that produces cars, sells its automotive equipment for cryptocurrency;
– For bitcoin you can buy unique themes and various auxiliary plugins on CMS WordPress;
– For cryptocurrency you can buy any Dell products (accessories, computers, smartphones, etc.)
– In a large-scale fast food chain Subway (also presented in Russia), you can pay bitcoin for lunch.
This is not a full list of large-scale organizations that accept payments in bitcoins. All successful companies keep pace with the times and therefore are trying to implement in their system the ability to pay cryptocurrency as soon as possible!

Subway BTC

Unusual purchases for bitcoin

As it has been already mentioned above, you can buy equipment, various subscriptions and bonuses on the Internet for a crypto currency, pay for dinner and even buy a car. However, this cryptocurrency allows you to pay for a number of other services:
– Real estate acquisition. Real estate company RE/MAX, which operates in London, allows its customers to pay bitcoin for the purchase of real estate;
– Since 2013 Victoria’s Secret sells branded underwear for cryptocurrency;
– Some universities in America, Great Britain and other countries allow applicants to pay for education with the help of bitcoin;
– You can pay bitcoins while booking rooms in some hotels, for example on Expedia;
– CheepAir offers its customers to purchase a plane ticket using cryptocurrency;
– On a popular Badoo dating site, you can buy a premium account for Bitcoin.

Badoo BTC

Cryptocurrency in Russia

If in many civilized countries already accept payment for goods and services in cryptocurrency, in Russia the situation now is rather ambiguous. Although bitcoin payment in Russia is not so popular as, let’s say, in the US, however, it is possible to pay this currency for many things, for example:
Restaurants, fast food, coffee shops:
– Burger King chain;
– Moscow coffee shop Headquarters;
– Chelyabinsk coffee house Coffee In;
Tourism, Recreation and Travel:
– AirBaltic, provides air travel services;
– – service that allows you to book hotel rooms in all corners of the world;
– CheapAir – a company that allows you to book hotel rooms and tickets for air travel.
– Gym membership in NanoFitness;
– Donations to charity in the Red Cross;
– Book a business class taxi in the company Wheely;
– Payment for Private Internet Access services, which allows you to use various applications for VPN.

Accepting BTC

To sum up, now it is possible to pay bitcoin in various institutions, stores and companies, and the payment process is very fast and without needless troubles

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