Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, crypto newbies and other interested stakeholders of cryptocurrencies are faced with a constant need for accurate news and an information library where they can get valuable information about digital coins.

There are many cryptocurrency tracking sites in the internet today. Lack of updates and real-time market feeds might lead to these websites not presenting a true picture of current cryptocurrency trends. This list is based on user traffic as well as the editor’s verdict about each website.


Coinmarketcap: Current market tracking











Coinmarketcap tops the list as the most popular crypto tracking site and lists over 1300 digital coins. It provides real time crypto prices. They have an API which anyone can use their data. Coinmarketcap only provides crypto data only; it doesn’t run any news on its website. The website is an attraction to many because of its simple intuitive interface, a free API and constant altcoins updates.

Blockchain info: Current market tracking

Blockchain info is the world largest platform for trading digital assets. The website has tons of data relating to Bitcoin, even though it doesn’t have a news section. Some of the piggy backing services from this website is a free wallet and free public API. It runs exhaustive Bitcoin data such as network activity, mining information, Bitcoin block details, and currency statistics. This website ranks high because of the useful Bitcoin data contained therein especially for crypto technocrats.


Cryptocompare: Current market tracking

Cryptocompare is the best interactive crypto website. The website has loads of crypto data such as; real time prices, detailed information about altcoins, user guides and reviews about exchanges. It has trending post section where members discuss hot and trending topics. This social platform allows sharing and interaction between members through chats and Message function. The website intends to introduce new features which will make it even more interactive to its visitors.


Coingeko: Current market tracking

Coingecko lists over 1000 digital coins all with a brief info about their background, exchanges allowed, community and its developers. The website is well planned and users can enjoy from the customizable dashboard. The dashboard allows users to view liquidity, real time crypto prices from different exchanges, and a buzz section for news. It tracks ICOs and keeps a calendar of upcoming, ongoing, and ended ICOs. The site has been receiving wide viewership and upon introducing new features such as calculators and price charts, they expect it will soar to be the best site.


WorldCoinindex: Current market tracking

This website has a comprehensive list of over 400 cryptocurrencies, as well as detailed information about each of the coins. The listed altcoins are quoted in BTC and 13 other fiat currencies. It has a simple user-interface, a free API and provides real-time crypto prices to its users. Visitors are not required to sign up in order to access the website. The website runs a blog section where visitors peruse and even download crypto guides.


Bitinfocharts: Current market tracking

Bitinfocharts provides one of the best simple user-interface with rich crypto data. On a single visit, a user can view real-time altcoins prices between different exchanges. It has no jargons, no editor’s comment section a reason why it might be loading very fast. If you want information availed to you on the first glance this is the website you should visit.


Bitcoinwisdom: Current market tracking

Bitcoinwisdom provides crypto prices with quotes from different exchanges. The website is resourceful to speculative traders and investors of major cryptocurrencies. Its downfall is that it doesn’t track ICOs. On the top-right corner of the website, visitors are provided with information regarding the difficulty of mining BTC and LTC. To enjoy an ads free environment, you will need to subscribe for premium membership.


Bitcoincharts: Current market tracking

Bitcoincharts provides exclusive information about BTC only. It provides visitors with a BTC/fiat currency converter. Even though the website has a news section it is not updated regularly. They provide for an API which can be accessed by anyone.


Onchainfx: Current market tracking

Though not popular among crypto enthusiasts, the website runs a resourceful collection of crypto data. The most intriguing feature is that, it provides data filtering according to different parameters. The website shows the ROI of different coins over a 24 hour interval and runs a tracker of daily movers.


Bfxdata: Current market tracking

Bfxdata provides information on major cryptocurrencies on a single column. The website has a simple user interface and lists cryptos with their bid and ask price. The information contained therein can be downloaded in csv format. It has a section for; sentiment data, margin financing, fixed rate calculator, and order books. If you want an android experience, you can download the application on Google play.


Coinhills: Current market tracking

Coinhills has a simple interface and provides users with backlinks to reputable news websites in its news section. The website has a section of ongoing ICOs and most trending digital currencies. It provides trading prices and trading volume of different exchanges.


Bitcoin average: Current market tracking

Bitcoinaverage was launched in August 2013 as a Bitcoin dedicated website. It has a simple user-interface which is resourceful for researching Bitcoin. Bitcoinaverage provides the longest running BTC price index ever. Users have an option to free or premium membership. The website provides digital assets quotes with over 172 fiat currencies.


Tradeblock: Current market tracking

Tradeblock tracks only BTC and ETH data. It runs an advanced trading platform and complex trading tools meant for institutional traders. The website advanced features may periodically lead to delays. Tradeblock isn’t limited to institutional traders only; the general public can have free access to the website. It provides real-time price feeds from 8 leading exchanges. Its limitation is that it doesn’t run a news section.

Coin tracker

Coin tracker: Current market tracking

Coin tracker lists 100 digital currencies providing exhaustive data on each has  simple user-interface and provides users with a dashboard, performance tracking tool, a wallet interface and price history board.  It provides an interface where users can link their exchange wallets and keep track of their portfolio. It intends to launch a premium membership plan where users will be provided with investing options. The website only provides crypto data; it doesn’t run a news section.

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