Cryptocurrency is heavily dependent on the people’s behavior and world events, that’s why it is irrational to stay in the informational isolation. We have gathered fascinating crypto-blogs by the world-known authors, where you can find exposures of scam projects, explore bitcoin from A to Z and find a reference point for your own forecasts.Michael Zhukhovitsky

Michael Zhukhovitsky – tells an inconvenient truth

The owner of ICO BANK, an investor and author of articles that constantly cause a sensation in the crypto-community. He writes about how the market of cryptocurrencies works, where to raise funds for the ICO, how to make profit by investing in bitcoin in 2018. Michael considers crypto-economy being a branch of the economy. He is quite sure that it works using the same laws and is actively sponsored by the drug business all over the world.


From his blogs you will find out which exchange to choose, how to earn 5% of your bitcoin deposit every day, how not to lose money when investing in cryptocurrency. This blogger often came into text conflicts with other representatives of the crypto-industry. As a result, he gets lively, creative and well-reasoned articles. The most important here is that Michael’s methods really work.


We have noted that Michael often speaks about contradictory things, thus creating a negative opinion about some cryptocurrencies and ICO. For example, he states the proofs of how China with the help of cryptocurrency and shadow economy buys the whole world and gradually replaces the US. In the most of his materials, he says that the cryptocurrency business is money laundering, illegal turnover, cash-out transactions and developing of drug business. ICO, in Zhukhovitsky’s opinion, is an absolute scam. However, he considers, that being honest is not profitable.Red Reptilovich

Red Reptilovich – philosopher of blockchain

An interesting blogger, going under a false name, so that nobody can reveal him. Those people, who are interested in cryptocurrencies, can be interested in his philosophical posts on political topics (on which the cryptocurrency industry depends), blockchain and bitcoin. He compares blockchain with the doctrine of 1917 about freedom, equality and brotherhood. He is sure that “cryptocurrency euphoria” has a lot of common things with the revolution outcomes, Hitler and the persecution of dark-skinned in the USA.


He makes interesting comparisons between blockchain and world historical processes. He sets things straight considering the development of crypto-industry and political environment of 20-21 centuries. He gives an opportunity to readers to think over the things, that they are facing every day, in order to have a look at many things from a different perspective. He can help in creating a strong theoretical base for predicting the development of crypto-economics.


If you go to the page of Red Reptilovich in order to learn something specific, you will leave none the wiser. This blogger doesn’t give you any advices, he only shares his thoughts.Alex Gryatskikh

Alex Gryatskikh – brutal whistleblower

Alexey doesn’t mince his words. He has gathered a big army of fans thanks to his provocative, but well-reasoned scathing observations of exchange markets, projects and ICO. From his publications, as he himself writes: “Cryptoners’ asses are burning.” Gryatskikh considers Pavel Durov being “Crypto Judah”, and Vitalik Buterin being “Crypto Jesus”. In his blog you will find the exposure of scam ICO, other projects and Ponzi schemes, large exchange markets of cryptocurrencies, start-ups, facts about crypto-sandboxes and investments.


Gryatskikh always speaks up to the point, states quotes, screenshots, discusses descriptions and documents. He analyzes publications in the mass media, the statements of project managers. He always sets things straight considering all disadvantages of a particular thing.


Not everyone will like the exceptional, emotional and rather rude criticism. Alexey will not tell you what to do, he only writes about things you should better avoid.ThePiachu’s Bitcoin Blog

ThePiachu’s Bitcoin Blog – connector between blockchain and real world

A Canadian blogger with a Master’s degree in computer science who writes under a false name. In his blog, he discusses the reasons for the bitcoin’s popularity, the causes and consequences of its’ hard fork. He finds out why ripple can repeat the bitcoin’s fate, which was facing the collapse. He explores how one can prove his/her existence through a blockchain, forecasts the growth of altcoins relying on the historical development of the blockchain, tells about the cryptocurrency applications.


This blogger considers bitcoin from all perspectives, equating it to the standard, developed for payment transactions, to the value measurement tool and to the mean of exchange. He explores the application of blockchain technology in real life, analyzes what is happening with bitcoin.


This author in fact has no materials about the market exchanges, ICO, blockchain projects. Also he has little information about altcoins.TBI’s Daily Bit

TBI’s Daily Bit – the bitcoin prophet

This author names himself a “former venture dude” and “the most inquisitive journalist”. He analyzes the issues of bitcoin’s exchange rate dependence on the global financial news. He writes about the way of cryptocurrencies’ usage on Wall Street, analyzes the newsbreaks in mass media and predicts events on the crypto-market. Also he informs readers about important events in this sphere.


Often the blogger manages to accurately predict some events and find out the correlation between news and bitcoin price pumps. The author tells about the principles of mining and the legal framework, which regulates this industry. His stories have lively character with jokes, comparisons and metaphors.


His articles are rarely published. He is financed exclusively by donors, among which there are his readers.BitcoinChaser

BitcoinChaser – collector of interesting things

Mark Keninsberg is a former developer. He analyzes world events, such as the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their influence on cryptocurrencies. He tells about what exactly women do in crypto-economics. He explores strange altcoins like Coinye West (cryptocurrency of a famous singer – Kanye West) and tries to figure out, what we should do with them.


His blog contains a lot of interesting details of the global blockchain events, portfolios of altcoins, and a review of equipment for mining.


He has a minimum amount of analytics and a maximum amount of informational materials. It is interesting to read his blog, but you will hardly find the answers to your questions or instructions there.


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