Caution! All about scams with cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is improving day by day, creating more and more reliable mechanisms of protection against fraudsters, even today one cannot be completely confident in the safety of their own funds. As a rule, scammers do not choose large crypto resources as victims, but users who are less aware of security and become sitting ducks. In this article, we will talk about a few fraudulent schemes and figure out how to confront them.


Why do governments prohibit Bitcoin?

The state is a conservative establishment. Its main goal is to ensure its own existence. This determines its attitude to any emerging changes.If innovations do not affect the state system in any way and can be integrated into it, government treats them with loyalty or indifference. In case it might violate any functions of the state or even worse its very existence, new ideas are rejected, blocked and eradicated.


How to start cryptocurrencies arbitrage trading?

The global linkages between the financial and commodity assets markets imply that the same class instruments, are traded at an same price to other related assets regardless of the geographical location of the exchange. If the “balance” is being violated, the difference is interpreted as an arbitrage opportunity to buy an asset “cheaply” on one exchange and sell “high” on another platform.


Top cryptocurrency market trackers

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, crypto newbies and other interested stakeholders of cryptocurrencies are faced with a constant need for accurate news and an information library where they can get valuable information about digital coins.

There are many cryptocurrency tracking sites in the internet today. Lack of updates and real-time market feeds might lead to these websites not presenting a true picture of current cryptocurrency trends. This list is based on user traffic as well as the editor’s verdict about each website.