How do cryptocurrencies funds work? And How can they be profitable?

Cryptocurrencies are not impacted either by inflation, or by political and economic situation. That’s why long ago they have become an attractive tool for large players in investment sphere. In addition to the classic hedge funds (investment funds aimed to increasing the investor’s capital, giving it to the trust management of the fund), similar cryptocurrencies funds, which works using the same principles, began to appear.


Who is Brian Krebs?

Let’s try to understand, why Brian Krebs is called “principal defender of the Internet”? How he has survived during the most massive DDoS-attack in the history? Why Special Forces has searched heroin in his house?


Easy way of cryptocurrency tracking

FntbNowadays, there are many cryptocurrencies that may be interesting to investors, traders and funds. Taking this fact into account, not all currencies can be presented on the same exchange market and, as well, their rates can differ significantly. All this results in a problem of cryptocurrency portfolios accounting: there can be many different currencies in the portfolio; they can be located on different exchange markets. That’s why it is rather difficult to get immediately the evaluation of current financial status, profitability rate of a particular currency   and on the portfolio in common.