Bitcoin is one of the most popular words that could be heard in 2017. And almost everyone heard about its
incredible growth, when the price of the coin surged to 20 thousand dollars. And of course, in connection with such events, the number of people wishing to invest in this resource has become many times greater.

There is no difficulty to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to a wallet for the further storage of a person who has been engaged in cryptocurrency for a long time. For him, this is a normal process, which he carries out several times a day. However, for beginners who join the cryptocurrencies field every day it is a real problem. After all, successfully buying a cryptocurrency is not enough; you should also know how to transfer it to a special wallet.
And for this, in turn, you have to register on special sites, which will give you a private address for storing coins. But most of the resources that allow you to register a wallet for Bitcoin, are in English. And this is a big obstacle for many people. But just registering somehow a wallet and get your private address, I think, is not impossible task.

But do not forget about such an important thing as your wallet security. It is very important to best protect the storage of your cryptocurrency so that no hackers can steal your hard earned money. People often forget or simply don’t know about.

Here’s the situation. A person registers a wallet for storing Bitcoin, comes up with his simple password, gets
a private address to transfer coins, and afterwards forgets everything in the world, thinking about his future life as a millionaire. Of course, it is doing the opposite. Soon hackers easily crack this unprotected wallet and deprive the person of all crypto coins. And the most interesting is that cases like that have
become more frequent recently. We have to do something about it and to teach people to be more responsible about protecting their investments in order to make it as difficult as possible to crack the wallet. We will do everything consistently. We will analyze how to correctly register your wallet for storing Bitcoin, and after that we will make it as much secure as possible. The study of all the material takes some time to figure it all out, come up with passwords and make a couple of simple actions, but this will significantly increase the resistance to cracking your cryptocurrency wallet. Remember, you are working with money and securing it is a very important step.


Registering your wallet. Initial steps

The first thing you need to do is to choose a site that you will use to store your precious crypto coins. The
main thing is that it is proven and reliable. Otherwise, visiting any fraudulent site, you can easily lose all your cryptocurrency. In order to verify the reliability of the resource, pay attention to the presence of a green lock in the corner of the browser (where URL is).


This indicates that the site is reliable. This is an initial, but very important step. If you ignore it, you can face a fraud with a very high probability.

Always pay attention to this icon before entering any important information on the website. If there is no lock, then it is not clear whether this resource is reliable or it is scam. Do not risk your investments once again!
I suggest using the proven and very well-known site If you click on this link, you can see a green lock in the corner of the browser, which indicates its reliability. This is a rather popular resource for Bitcoins storage, where a lot of investors are registered. We will use it as an example in order to understand how to properly register a cryptocurrency wallet and maximize its security.

Step one. Complicated password


So, go to the site and click “Get free wallet” in the upper right corner of the browser.
After that, you are moved to
another page with a form to fill in with 3 lines:
• email.
• password.
• confirm password.


In the first line enter your email. In the second line you come up with and enter the code that you will use to enter your wallet. Get a little creative and think of a very complex password, consisting of lowercase and uppercase Latin letters, numbers, various symbols. In short, the entire keyboard is at your disposal. I advise you to choose a password at least 10, and even 15 different characters in length.
A very important thing! Be sure to write down your password in your notebook or on the sheet, putting it somewhere you will not lose it. You do not need to save it in a browser, in a computer, phone, etc. otherwise hackers will have direct access to your wallet and cryptocurrency. If you write it on a sheet, then no one but you can pick up the password to the wallet. At least, hacking it will be much more difficult.
After that, go to the third line, where you enter your password again. Put a tick in the box next to the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”, which indicates that you agree to the following data processing terms.
Click “Continue” and our wallet is already ready for basic work.


Step 2. Complete security

Now our task is to create a fullest possible protection for our cryptocurrency wallet, so that you can safely buy Bitcoin without being afraid that someone will be able to steal money.
Go to the “SECURITY CENTER” section: there are sections with 3 levels of security. You need to fill in and activate every item.


In the box “Verify Email” you need to confirm your mail through a special letter that has already been sent to it. Accordingly, check the mail, search for the letter and click on “yes, this is my email”, thereby confirming it.


Go to the next box “Backup Recovery Phrase”. There is nothing complicated. You are given 12 words, which must be written in the exact order as they were given. Write them down next to the password in your notebook so that all important information is in one place. The numbering of words must be respected; otherwise the entire procedure is meaningless. Therefore, write down the words under the same number that was given to each word. This set of phrases will be needed to restore access to the cryptocurrency wallet, if you suddenly forget the password or someone tries to hack it.
So, write down all 12 words and after that you will be asked to enter 4 words under a certain number, for example “Twelfth Word or Fourth Word”. In order to understand what kind of word you need to enter, use the translator.

If you did everything correctly, you will see the same message as in the picture. Let’s move to the last action in the first security level. In the “Create Password Hint” section, you need to make a specific hint for the password or a key phrase that only you will know. You can think of anything. The main thing, write it down in your notebook in order not to forget.
Congratulations, you completed all the steps of the first security level, but do not completely relax. Now go to level 2, which is the most important.


We see only 2 steps. In the “Link Mobile Number” box you need to confirm the phone number so that the cryptocurrency wallet is linked to your cell phone.
When you enter the site you will receive SMS with a password on the phone that was chosen on this stage. This greatly reduces the risk of hacking and stealing your crypto coins.
So, enter your phone number in the appropriate box and after that you will receive a password, which you must enter in the new field that appears. You confirmed verification.
Move to the square “2 step”. This is a two-factor authentication, which is very important to enable the maximum security of the wallet. It allows you to identify the user only through a phone or some service (in our case it will be Google) using a 6-digit password that changes every 30 seconds. By setting up two-factor authentication, you practically leave no chances for hackers to crack your wallet. Therefore, you must set it up!


Click “Enable Two Step”, then “Enable”.

After that, you are asked to choose “Use Google Authenticator or Yubikey” or mobile number.
I advise you to use the first option, where you are given a certain key as in the picture. Before using it, you need to download the “Google Authenticator” program on your Android or iOS. After that, open the program and click the red plus sign in the bottom corner, then the camera will open. Aim a camera at the picture and there will be a 6-digit code, which will change every 30 seconds.


Now you need to use the program with a constantly changing password every time you enter your wallet. Without it, it is not possible to enter the system.

This was the second security level that should have been completed to maximize the security of your Bitcoins. If you could skip the first step of security, the second one must be completed 100%.

Level 3

And the last but not the least is level 3. It allows you to block “Tor” – the network that hackers use most often to crack wallets. Click on the “Block Tor Requests” button.

Done! You have completed the work to secure your cryptocurrency wallet. If everything was done correctly, then each square in all three levels of protection will glow blue as in the picture.step

Now your wallet is fully protected and ready to go.

Private address for storing crypto currency

Now you can buy Bitcoin and transfer it to this address with a calm mind.
To do this, go to the “Bitcoin” section and then click “Request”. Here you can see your bitcoin address. To use it, click “copy”. It is copied to the computer’s registry and can be used to transfer funds.



The safety of your investments is a very important thing that must be completed first. It is easy to buy Bitcoins,
but to save them and multiply your capital is another story. The fact that people are lazy or do not know how to properly protect their wallets for cryptocurrency, allows hackers to steal crypto coins so often, thus depriving many investors of the money. After reading this article, you can be sure about your wallet security and your money safety. You need to put some efforts but now you are not worried about your crypto coins that are in this protected wallet.

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