Easy way of cryptocurrency tracking

Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrencies that may be interesting to investors, traders and funds. Taking this fact into account, not all currencies can be presented on the same exchange market and, as well, their rates can differ significantly. All this results in a problem of cryptocurrency portfolios accounting: there can be many different currencies in the portfolio; they can be located on different exchange markets. That’s why it is rather difficult to get immediately the evaluation of current financial status, profitability rate of a particular currency   and on the portfolio in common.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet and to best protect it


Bitcoin is one of the most popular words that could be heard in 2017. And almost everyone heard about its
incredible growth, when the price of the coin surged to 20 thousand dollars. And of course, in connection with such events, the number of people wishing to invest in this resource has become many times greater.
There is no difficulty to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to a wallet for the further storage of a person who has been engaged in cryptocurrency for a long time. For him, this is a normal process, which he carries out several times a day. However, for beginners who join the cryptocurrencies field every day it is a real problem. After all, successfully buying a cryptocurrency is not enough; you should also know how to transfer it to a special wallet.
And for this, in turn, you have to register on special sites, which will give you a private address for storing coins. But most of the resources that allow you to register a wallet for Bitcoin, are in English. And this is a big obstacle for many people. But just registering somehow a wallet and get your private address, I think, is not impossible task.

Caution! All about scams with cryptocurrency


Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is improving day by day, creating more and more reliable mechanisms of protection against fraudsters, even today one cannot be completely confident in the safety of their own funds. As a rule, scammers do not choose large crypto resources as victims, but users who are less aware of security and become sitting ducks. In this article, we will talk about a few fraudulent schemes and figure out how to confront them.