Gold vs Bitcoin: which investing is more profitable?

If you are interested in productive money-investments, there are two extremes – a currency based on the innovative technology – bitcoin, with severe fluctuations of exchange rate, or the investment “to the end of times” – gold, reliable, but with little profitability.

Which investment option is more lucrative? Which one will take the dominance in financial investments arena? Let’s clear it up.


How to pay a bitcoin tax and not go to jail in different countries

How to regulate cryptocurrency activities and operations with bitcoins is constantly being discussed by governments of different countries. As they say, who is forewarned is armed, so we call upon to prepare in advance for the regulation of all projects based on blockchain.

To understand how to pay a tax on cryptocurrency or a bitcoin tax, it is necessary to understand whether it is considered a currency, an investment, an asset or a service. Let’s consider all versions of the taxation in developed countries that have recognized bitcoin.