20 useful Telegram channels for crypto-trading: FinTab team advises

In 2018, Telegram became the messenger number one in the world. Despite the fact that Telegram was blocked in the Russian Federation, we remain its active users and share with you a selection of 20 useful channels for crypto-trading.

Crypto Charters 


The channel is devoted to the technical analysis of the crypto-market charts. Channel admins often make fan of the market tendencies and each other, so the information is easily perceived. The authors often talk about BTC and its development trends, so if bitcoin is your main currency, you should take a closer look at this channel.

UK Crypto 


One of the best channels of general fundamental and technical analysis for different coins. The authors of the channel will teach how to pay your own referrals, to choose a trading strategy and how to reduce the risk of potential financial losses e.g. in the recent bitcoin collapse. Besides telling you why to buy a coin, they support their opinion with information that can be easily checked.