How to create a Bitcoin wallet and to best protect it

Bitcoin is one of the most popular words that could be heard in 2017. And almost everyone heard about its
incredible growth, when the price of the coin surged to 20 thousand dollars. And of course, in connection with such events, the number of people wishing to invest in this resource has become many times greater.


Cryptocurrency wallets: cold and hot storage

A wallet for storing cryptocurrency is the first thing every investor should take care of, who wants to invest his money in digital currencies. But in particular cryptocurrency wallets will be important for those who are engaged in mining or investing coins for a long time.


What can I buy for Bitcoin?

Along with the popularity of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular, the list of fields and areas where this currency can be applied is growing. Now you can pay Bitcoin for a large number of services and purchases, which was very difficult 8-9 years ago. So, what can you buy for bitcoin?


10 promising cryptocurrencies

Top cryptocurrencies have stopped to grow like crazy and multiply traders’ investments in 1000 times. If you are a trader, then you probably would like to hit paydirt in only gaining popularity of altcoins. We found 10 interesting candidates for significant growth, which can become desired for you, so you will find out what cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 and why.