Top list of cryptocurrency exchange markets: 6 best platforms for beginners

Cryptocurrency trading continues to gain popularity, that’s why services that allow such type of trading grow in quantity with the speed of light. There are about 350 exchange markets known for today.

For beginners it is better to focus on large-scaled and reliable cryptocurrency exchange markets, which have already gained a good reputation among the trading community. So that, there would be no need to understand all three and a half of dozen resources. But even major players have their special features.


Six cryptocurrency top-blogs

Cryptocurrency is heavily dependent on the people’s behavior and world events, that’s why it is irrational to stay in the informational isolation. We have gathered fascinating crypto-blogs by the world-known authors, where you can find exposures of scam projects, explore bitcoin from A to Z and find a reference point for your own forecasts.


Gold vs Bitcoin: which investing is more profitable?

If you are interested in productive money-investments, there are two extremes – a currency based on the innovative technology – bitcoin, with severe fluctuations of exchange rate, or the investment “to the end of times” – gold, reliable, but with little profitability.

Which investment option is more lucrative? Which one will take the dominance in financial investments arena? Let’s clear it up.