Bitcoin vs Altcoins

AltcoinsNow many are interested in bitcoin, however, not everyone understands exactly what it is. But even those who have some idea of bitcoin, if they suddenly want to dive into cryptocurrency world, will be shocked. They will learn about the existence of an overwhelming number of other digital currencies.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin CashThe birthday of Bitcoin Cash is August 1, 2017. This was the day when the Bitcoin chain split and led to the appearance of Bitcoin Cash. The reason for this split was the slowdown of Bitcoin’s transactions and the growth of its commissions caused by the small size of the block – only 1 megabyte. Bitcoin’s holders started talking about its obsolescence and the developers reacted to such conversations very quickly – a new 8 megabytes fork

A drop in the value of cryptocurrency: what to do during the market drawdown?

value of cryptocurrencyThe cryptocurrency market is very sensitive to changes of the fiat money rate, which is confirmed by statistics. On traditional exchanges, now professional speculators are trading, their experience allows not to react right away to the emerging drawdowns of quotations. On the cryptocurrency exchanges the situation is different – here the bulk of inexperienced traders often and unconsciously reacting to fluctuations in price rates.