There are many examples of how people made their fortune on a cryptocurrency and bitcoin. For example, Joseph Lubin – co-founder of Ethereum, Binance director – Chingpeng Zhao, heir of a large banking business Matthew Mallon, who invested in bitcoin in the early stages and got up to $ 1 billion.

However, financial experts and the world’s richest people, including Warren Buffett and others, continue to doubt that blockchain technology is a financial future, and not fraud and scam. The opinions about cryptocurrency of experts vary.
In this article we will present opinions of 8 world experts about cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain. And what to believe, you decide for yourself.

Bill Gates: «Blockchain kills people»

The richest man on the planet shocked the Reddit readers by his attitude. Gates explained that the anonymity of the blockchain gives many opportunities for drug traffickers and tax evaders. According to the billionaire, technology takes away from the authorities the ability to track illegal operations, for example, banned drugs selling and it can even cause the death of people. Gates is sure that ICO and the purchase of cryptocurrencies are a huge danger for people involved in this.

The reaction of experts and users was immediate, for example, the developer Udi Wertheimer told Gates that cryptocurrency is the same as fiat money. To say that cryptocurrency kills people is the same as to say that dollars kill people. And one of the users spoke up for the cryptocurrency, saying that bitcoin helped him in replenishing the daily dose of potassium, because he bought a banana for bitcoin.
The head of the press service of the Coin Center called Gates a nocoiner (a man who did not buy a crypto for a good price when he could, does not have it, but talks about its imminent collapse.bitcoin haters

Eric Schmidt about the significant achievements of blockchain

Computer science doctor, the ex-head of Google corporation, Eric Schmidt is sure that blockchain technology is a significant achievement in the field of cryptography. According to him, something which is not duplicated in the digital world is very important for humanity. Schmidt has repeatedly stated that based on this system many people will build their business, and it is already happening.

The only reason Schmidt did not implement this technology in his company Alphabet is governmental issues, and he does not want to have problemsl with the authorities.

Warren Buffett on the overestimated transaction costs

It’s no secret that Buffett has been a fierce opponent of the crypto currency. The billionaire says that the banking system allows you to make transactions as well as blockchain,but it is cheaper and it never reaches tens of thousands of dollars. He is sure that the cost of blockchain transfers is greatly overstated.

Buffett forecasts a bad end, he is not going to invest in this area. The investor explains his position by not knowing anything about the technology. Well, it’s normal for a person to be afraid of something he does not know.Warren

Richard Branson: how and why to spend bitcoins

British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group corporation has a completely different opinion about the cryptocurrency. He invests fiat money in it , but also takes bitcoin as payment for space travels. Branson is sure that cryptocurrency is better than fiat money and it is necessary to spend it on flights to space and the spacecraft’s building .

The businessman thinks this technology is very serious, huge infrastructure is built around it, and many people invest in it, believing that there was a reasonable prospect of capitalizations

Chamath Palihapitiya about unique investment opportunities

Facebook’s former top, now the founder of a large venture company, does not just believe in bitcoin, and his forecast for a cryptocurrencies rate is the increase of bitcoin to $ 1 million in 20 years. The businessman believes that the cryptocurrency can be a store of value, like gold, which will be a key factor of its development in the 100

Peter Thiel about digital gold

Technical investor Peter Thiel does not understand the hype about blockchain technology and he is sure that only one coin can claim exclusive rights to the name “digital gold”.

At the same time, the investor explains that bitcoin is too bulky for daily operations in business, but it is quite possible to store it as gold. At the same time, Thiel compares all the other blockchain projects with the dot-com bubble at the end of 90’ gold

Julian Assange about the correct balance of pros and cons

A journalist, a former hacker and a founder of Wikileaks is perceived by society in different ways. Someone believes that his project, leaking information and classified documents sheds light on secrets, and someone considers him a provocateur.

People all over the world learnt about Assange, when information leaked to the network about the threats to his life and even death. But it turned out to be a decoy. The former hacker decided to use blockchain technology to confirm his identity, because the information written in the blocks remains in them forever. And he did it.

Julian clearly protects bitcoin and explains its popularity with the right balance of pros and cons. Thanks to him many Internet users became interested in the cryptocurrency. After all, everyone can find something useful in it: a rich and a poor, a financial genius or a humanities graduate.

Elon Musk about the positive features of the criminal bitcoin

Some people still believe that the creator of bitcoin is none other than Elon Musk. The businessman himself rejects such rumors, but he treats bitcoin positively, however, the he does not forecast the rate for cryptocurrency in 2018.

In his opinion, bitcoin is also used in illegal transactions, but this is not always a bad thing, because not all illegal things should be considered as something negative. Mask is sure that bitcoins will always be used by criminals and law-abiding people, just like fiat money.


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