In 2018, Telegram became the messenger number one in the world. Despite the fact that Telegram was blocked in the Russian Federation, we remain its active users and share with you a selection of 20 useful channels for crypto-trading.

Crypto Charters

The channel is devoted to the technical analysis of the crypto-market charts. Channel admins often make fan of the market tendencies and each other, so the information is easily perceived. The authors often talk about BTC and its development trends, so if bitcoin is your main currency, you should take a closer look at this channel.

UK Crypto

One of the best channels of general fundamental and technical analysis for different coins. The authors of the channel will teach how to pay your own referrals, to choose a trading strategy and how to reduce the risk of potential financial losses e.g. in the recent bitcoin collapse. Besides telling you why to buy a coin, they support their opinion with information that can be easily checked.

Venture Coinist

Venture Coinist is one of the most popular blogs. Venture Coin Group invests in crypto-currencies, applying fundamental research, technical analysis and traditional financial theory for this new alternative asset class.

Cache Charts

The channel is attractive by its live discussion of charts. There are traders with portfolios mainly with the top ten coins. Chat helps to find like-minded people and life hacks.

Crypto Samurai

One of the most rapid news channels holds its finger on the crypto world pulse. The authors of the channel publish Crypto Calendar Sheet which will help you not to miss the main events happening in the crypto world.


One of the most popular English speaking portals about the crypto-currency in Telegram,, does not only publish links to its articles: reviews, news, advertising, but also shares some surveys and funny gifs.


The news channel of the well-known site of Roger Vera On Telegram it publishes news, analytics, as well as information about ICO-projects.


A serious group focused only on top currencies. These guys can be strict to maintain order in the group, but this should be expected from such a large platform. Most admins are aware of any changes associated with BTC.

Whale Pool

A huge investors’ chat, who mainly focus on the top positions of the market. Excellent group for analyzing the development path of top coins.

The Coin Farm

Coinfarm is a place where you can talk everything about crypto. In this group, you can freely talk about shitcoins and the highest level coins. Administrators are friendly, and spammers are processed quickly.

Crypo Trollbox

A popular channel to blow off steam after trading on the markets. Jokes about ETH, BTC and, of course, HODL! are together with funny illustrations.

Crypto Cred

Crypto Cred provides a lot of free content for the community. It cannot be characterized as a channel of signals or calls; it is rather an education tool. People discuss the installation, entry into the trade and the overall picture of the market.

Excavo Channel

The Excavo channel is aimed at analyzing charts, signals and practical advice. Exkavo also has private chat rooms, which include already experienced traders.


A group of traders with a great sense of humor. Participants discuss everything related to crypto-currencies, crypto portfolios and high-tech industries.


A large channel for technical analysis and analysis of charts with Trading View. The information is very useful and free.

ICO Countdown

CORE TV anchor / moderator/ host talks with people about new ICO projects. If you want to get acquainted with the ICO market – this channel is a great start.

Global Consulting Crypto Group

A very large community with signals and market analysis. There is a closed premium channel, if you are not newbie in crypto-trading, this channel will be useful for strengthening your knowledge.

Trading Crypto Coach Trading Crypto Coach channel for crypto trading

Educational channel. If you have doubts about your actions, check this channel. Most likely you will find very useful information.

ICO Drops Ico Drops channel for crypto trading

If you are an AirDrop fan, this channel is perfect for you. The latest news from the ICO world and free tokens’ distribution.

FinTabFinTab channel for crypto trading

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