Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Helps you to account for your portfolio and analyze it.
Automatic exchange and wallet imports.
Fintab dashboard and mobile app

Our basic principle is to make the service for people.

We take into account what is really necessary and important for each audience.

Private investors don't need an overloaded system which is more difficult for understanding than crypto-currencies.

The investor does not care how much the currency has grown – the only thing that matters is how much he has earned and how he can earn more.

Dashboard for investor
Dashboard for traders

For traders automation is important not to waste time on accounting and analytics. Traders make transactions on different exchanges and financial accounting becomes a time-consuming task.

If the trader takes the finance under management, he needs to report to the clients in a clear and simple manner without wasting much time.

For funds it is needed to reduce the routine processing of huge transaction flows from their customers. It is important to decrease the complexity of maintaining internal accounting and improve its accuracy. And for clients, as for investors, the most important thing is to understand how much they have earned.

At the same time, funds need this kind of service is needed in any case and in-house solution requires significant resources, both monetary and temporary.

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Dashboard for funds

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For investors
  • Basic functions:
    – Adding currencies
    – Accounting for buying and selling
    – Transferring between exchanges
  • The ability to account for transferring operations between exchanges
  • 2 portfolios
  • Basic Analytical System
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For traders
  • Basic Functionality
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Integration with exchanges through API
  • Import from CSV
  • Exporting data
  • Notification system
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates
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For founds
  • Basic Functionality
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Integration with exchanges through API
  • Import from CSV
  • Exporting data
  • Notification system
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates
  • Agent’s account
  • Customer’s account
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August 3 – September 17, 2017
  • Closed alpha-testing
  • Manually adding and editing transactions
  • Creating the opportunity to have and work with the unlimited number of portfolios
  • Portfolio information
  • Purchased currency information
  • Exchange/wallet
  • Adding custom currencies and exchanges/wallets
  • Profit/loss evaluation, dynamics of a certain portfolio or currency
September 18 – October 11, 2017
  • Beta-testing
  • UX/UI design elaboration
  • Mobile application development for Android
  • Preparation for the pre-ICO
October 12 – November 30, 2017
  • Pre-ICO (October 12 – November 12)
  • Release of the Android app
  • Integration with exchanges via API
  • Tokens accounting
  • System of notifications
  • Export of statistics
  • Adding analytic tools
December 10, 2017 – January 30, 2018
  • Closed stage of sales (December 10-14)
  • Carrying out of the ICO (December 14 – January 30)
  • Elaboration of the "Pro" accounts functionality
January – March 2018
  • Fully updated Android app
  • iOS app development
  • Preparation and integration of a new design
  • "Pro" account functionality release
  • Replacement of the beta-version with an improved one
April – May 2018
  • Active synchronization / integration with exchanges
  • Monetization of the system
  • Working out the functionality for "Manage" accounts
  • Forming a support service and ticketing system
June – July 2018
  • Release of the "Manage" accounts
  • The process of continuous improvement

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Fintab dashboard and Android app


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