The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Keep a record of cryptocurrencies and analyze the current state of your funds on various exchanges and e-wallets with the help of our system.

Presale bonus* — 75% OFF

* Compared to the token price at the main stage of ICO

Time Left Until the End of Pre-ICO:
Soft Cap:$ 63,000
Hard Cap:$ 200,000
FinTab allows you to promptly evaluate your current financial state, determine the profitability of each currency, as well as of the entire portfolio as a whole.
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Background to the Creation of FinTab

The most full-featured services today may offer such functions as:
  • Accounting of currency addition and exchange.
  • Dashboard.
  • Standard reports with an export feature.
  • Data importing from CSV.
  • Complicated integration with exchanges via API.
  • Portfolios.

At the same time, not a single service can offer:
  • Both a desktop version and a mobile app at the same time.
  • Possibility of accounting the ICO tokens (the ones that haven't been issued yet).
  • Keeping a record of exchanges and wallets the currency was purchased at.
  • Separate agency and client accounts.
  • Calculation of portfolio changes and it's ROI considering multiple transaction types (replenishment, withdrawal, exchange).
  • Calculation of currency changes considering multiple transaction types (replenishment, withdrawal, exchange).
We are creating a system which is going to have a user-friendly design and a broad functionality, realizing the features that no other service has up to this day. Besides, we already have a working beta-version of our service.

Our goal is to become the biggest multi-platform cryptocurrency accounting service one year from now.

The services market overview for the accounting of crypto-currency portfolios.
Target Audience
Funds — a separate category, distinguished by a large number of clients and a high flow of transactions. We are ready to offer them the individual boxed versions or extended functionality for specific tasks.
Individual investors
Users buying crypto-currencies for medium and long-term positions, who almost do not engage in active trade and mainly rely on the growth of currency exchange rates.
Active users, working both on short and long positions. They perform numerous transactions and may have several active.
Trusts (manage)
Traders who take third-party finance under management and supervise several clients.
Market Volume
Thus, we can conclude that the service market for the accounting of cryptocurrency portfolios is undeveloped and does not cover even half of the active cryptocurrency holders.
*The total amount of the active cryptocurrency holders is over 3 mln people (probably much more, the exact number is unknown).
System Development Plan
August 3 – September 17
  • Closed alpha-testing.
  • Manually adding and editing transactions (including the accounting of fees).
  • Adding and working with an unlimited number of portfolios.
  • Portfolio information.
  • Purchased currency information (date, quantity and place of purchase).
  • Exchange/wallet information (financial summary, type and quantity of currencies).
  • Adding custom currencies and exchanges/wallets.
  • Profit/loss evaluation, dynamics of a certain portfolio or currency.
  • English localization.
September 18 – October 11
  • Beta-testing.
  • CSV importing.
  • UX/UI design elaboration.
  • Mobile application developement for Android.
  • Preparation for the pre-ICO.
October 12 – November 30
  • Start of the pre-ICO (October 12).
  • Release of the Android app.
  • Integration with exchanges via API.
  • Export of statistics.
  • Addition of analytic tools.
  • Mobile app development for iOS.
  • Carrying out of the ICO.
  • Elaboration of the "Manage" accounts functionality.
  • Test of the service monetization system.
January – May 2018
  • Development of our own API for currency exchange rates, ICO tokens and their historical data.
  • Blockchain integration for processing and storing of the user transactions database.
  • Creation of the Technical Support service.
  • Persistent perfection.
Fundraising and issue of FinTab tokens (FNT) is designed for the purpose of financing the development of the system, the implementation of blockchain, as well as raising funds for marketing and promotion of the service. FinTab Tokens will be used to pay for "Pro" and "Manage" accounts.
starts October 12
2 mln FNT will be sold out during the pre-ICO. 1 FNT = $0.1
Further, 21 mln FNT will be sold during the main ICO stage at the price of 1 FNT = $0.4
Issue and Sales of the FNT Tokens
Learn more about the pre-ICO and ICO conditions and tokens:
How can I use FNT tokens?
FinTab is a SaaS product with paid services. The cost for the service for the "Pro" and "Manage" accounts will be fixed in USD, but payment is accepted in FinTab tokens (FNT).
In accordance with our target audience, we have 3 plans to offer:
Individual investors
Free Plan
  • Basic functions: adding currencies, buying and selling (not an actual exchange transaction, but just keeping a record),
    the ability to keep accounts of transfer operations between the exchanges
  • 1 portfolio
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Analytical System
  • Basic functions
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Personal backoffice with settings (including the integration with exchanges via APIs for automated accounting purposes)
  • Flexible dashboard
  • Extended Analytical System
  • Basic functions
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Personal backoffice with settings (including the integration with exchanges via APIs for automated accounting purposes)
  • Flexible dashboard
  • Extended Analytical System
  • Agency account
  • Ticket system
  • Unlimited number of client accounts with flexible settings
  • Dedicated Tech Support
Investor's Interest
Projected dynamics of the FNT rate and ICO bonuses:
  1. Pre-ICO: 1FNT = $0.1
  2. ICO + bonuses: 1FNT = $0.3
  3. ICO: 1FNT = $0.4
Burning of tokens:
90% of FNT tokens entering the system as payment for the service will be burned every month. The payment for the service is fixed in USD, but only tokens are accepted as payment.

Burning of tokens will lead to an increase in the deficit of tokens, especially given the constant growth of users. Thus, we can predict a more rapid growth of the token rate than in the case of dividends.
Bounty Program
Start of bounty: October 2, 2017.
End of bounty: with the ending of pre-ICO on November 12, 2017 (a new bounty program will be published for the main stage of the ICO).

Campaign Budget:
1 000 000 (1 million) FNT tokens = $ 400,000 (in ICO prices)
1 FNT = $ 0.4 (in ICO prices)
Budget allocation
  • Campaign on Facebook: 18% (180,000 FNT)
  • Campaign on VK: 5% (50,000 FNT)
  • Campaign on Twitter: 15% (150,000 FNT)
  • Media campaign: 25% (250,000 FNT)
  • Telegram campaign: 10% (100,000 FNT)
  • Content translation: 7% (70,000 FNT)
  • Signatures and avatars: 20% (200,000 FNT)

Payouts schedule
  • The remuneration will be calculated every Monday after 16:00 UTC.
  • The first distribution of remuneration will be held on Monday, October 9, 2017.
  • The tokens will be credited after the pre-ICO ends on November 13, 2017.

More information and registration
Meet the Team
Mikhail Fadeyev
Since 2010, Mikhail is engaged in web-development. He has created and launched a number of projects, including the Merit onine agency, an agency for the implementation of CRM-systems and a web studio. He is engaged in trading and has funds under management.

"For me, blockchain is a philosophy that is already changing the world"
Grigory Maltsev
The co-founder of the Merit onine agency, the head of the web studio development department in 2016, the project manager in a design studio (Yandex projects) in 2015, the Internet marketer since 2012. Grigory created a financial accounting system for an Internet agency, participated in the development of the Basecamp application.
Nikolay Ozhogov
Full-stack programmer. Since 2012, Nikolay has worked at websites and Internet services developement, including the Telegram widget In 2014, he created a crypto-currency mining farm and organized a mining-pool. Since 2017 he is developing Android applications.
Dmitry Motorin, head of the mobile development team
Engaged in information technology since 2002 and in mobile development since 2012. Dmitry has to his credit more than a hundred released mobile applications for Android and iOS, being repeatedly selected as the recommended apps and obtaining the best positions in the stores in the most competitive subjects. Also he's a crypto enthusiast since 2014, having several own crypto-currency mining farms.
Vadim Kirei, mobile app developer
Programmer. Created one of the leading applications for forex traders. Vadim is engaged in Android and iOS applications development for blockchain startups. Has more than 10 released projects, 3 of which are associated with blockchain. Got an average score of 4.6 for his applications in stores.
Stas Bondarenko, lead designer
Stanislav is engaged in UI product design. He has experience in developing CRM systems, interfaces and materials from the gaming industry and retail. Experience as an art director for more than 5 years and more than 8 years of work as the lead designer of the product. Became a fan of technology blockbuster during an internship at SalesForce in San Francisco.
Ivan Teslenko, Russian-English translator/interpreter
Russian-English translator/interpreter. 10 years of experience in the field of translations. Previously engaged in website localization and translation of news, videos and webinars. Active crypto enthusiast.
Pavel Kaptsan, full-stack programmer
Since 2016, he is engaged in development and support of sites, participated in the development of info-products of the largest on the Russian-speaking space.
Application for participation in pre-ICO
The start of the FNT tokens sales for the pre-ICO is scheduled for October 12th.
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